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The Latest Trends in Handbags: What’s In and What’s Out

If you have a handbag collection that rivals the size of your shoe collection, then you know how important it is to keep up with the latest trends. You don’t want to be caught with an out-of-style bag when everyone else is carrying the new hotness! Here’s what we think are the top current trends in handbags:

Leather handbags

Leather is a popular material for handbags. It’s durable, easy to clean and fashionable. Leather bags can be casual or dressy depending on the style you choose, making them a good choice for both small and large bags.

Chain straps

Chain straps are back, and they’re here to stay. This trend is all about adding some style and bling to your handbag. If you have a plain bag that needs some pizzazz, or if your current purse is too short for your liking, chain straps are the way to go!

Front flap closure

A flap closure is a zipper that runs across the top of a bag. This can be on either side, but it’s most common for it to be on the right side. The flap then folds over and snaps shut, keeping your belongings safe inside. Front flap closures are great for keeping things secure in your bag, especially if you have items like keys or coins which could fall out easily without some sort of cover. They’re also stylish because they give off an elegant vibe!

Large-scale patterns

Patterns are in. And we’re not just talking about subtle, small-scale prints. Large-scale patterns have been making their way into the fashion world for a while now, and they’re here to stay. The good news is that this trend works well with your spring and summer wardrobe because it gives you an opportunity to experiment with bold colors and different textures (think denim jackets over printed dresses).

If you’re looking for something classic, timeless, and versatile–like most people will be–then consider investing in a handbag with an iconic print like paisley or gingham. You can wear these bags year after year without worrying about them going out of style because they’ll always be “in.” If you want something more daring but still femininely whimsical (and who doesn’t?), try mixing two different patterns together on one bag!

Detachable crossbody strap

If you’re looking for a bag that can go from casual to dressy, look no further than the crossbody bag. These bags are great for traveling because they can be worn across the body or slung over one shoulder–and they come in tons of styles, from classic leather totes to fringed suede clutches. Crossbody bags are also popular because they’re versatile: They’ll look just as good with jeans and sneakers as they do with dress pants and heels!

One thing many people love about crossbody bags is their ability to show off statement pieces like statement jewelry or shoes (just make sure your purse isn’t too large). This makes them perfect if you want everyone around town knowing what designer items you’re wearing–and feeling jealous!

Printed leathers and animal prints

Leather is a classic material for handbags and has been around for centuries. It’s durable, easy to clean, and versatile in its use. Leather comes in many different colors and textures so you can find one that suits your style perfectly!

Animal prints are also very popular right now–especially zebra print! Animal prints are great because they add a fun pop of color while still being neutral enough to go with everything else in your wardrobe (and they’re not too matchy-matchy). Printed leathers are another trend that has been gaining popularity over the past few years; these can be worn with anything from jeans to formal dresses.

Go for gold or silver hardware.

Gold and silver hardware are classic, so they can be used with any outfit. They are also a good choice for any age group and lifestyle. Gold is more formal, so it’s ideal if you’re going to an event where everyone is dressed up–think black tie or military ball. Silver hardware is more casual, which makes it perfect for everyday use or when traveling!

Pay attention to these trends for the best handbag style for you.

  • Pay attention to these trends for the best handbag style for you.
  • If you’re looking for a bag that’s on trend, but not too trendy, consider a classic style. It will last through seasons and years without going out of style.
  • If you’re looking for something unique or one-of-a-kind, make sure it has an interesting detail or embellishment rather than just being trendy–you want your bag to be noticed by others because of its beauty (not because it has neon stripes).


We hope you enjoyed our rundown of the hottest handbag trends. We know that it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the different styles and trends out there, but we want you to feel confident in knowing that these styles are some of the most popular right now. Now it’s time for you to step out into the world with your new favorite bag!

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