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Old Money Aesthetic: Embodying the Grace and Refinement of the Elite


Old money is the ultimate in luxury, elegance and refinement. It’s not just about the best of everything; it’s also about celebrating your history and heritage. Old money is all about subtlety, sophistication and sophistication—not ostentation. The style of old money can be characterized by classic elegance, heritage and luxury lifestyle, but what is old money exactly? We’ll tell you how to embody this aesthetic:

Old Money Aesthetic

Old money aesthetic is a way of life. It’s not just about dressing well, it’s also about embodying the grace and refinement of the elite.

The old money aesthetic is more than just clothes and accessories; it’s an attitude that can be applied to many aspects of your life: how you speak, what you eat and drink (and when), where you live or travel… In fact, it may seem like there aren’t many things left untouched by this lifestyle!

Old money people don’t have time for fads or trends because they’ve been around since before those things existed–or at least before they were cool enough for mainstream consumption. They know exactly what looks good on their bodies because they’ve been dressing themselves all their lives; they don’t need someone else telling them what looks good today (or tomorrow).

Classic elegance

Elegance is timeless. It’s understated, elegant and classy. Elegance is refined, classic and timeless. The word “elegance” comes from the Latin word “elegans” which means “distinguished,” so it should come as no surprise that people who embody this aesthetic are often associated with being well-educated or cultured–they know how to behave in any situation because they’ve been around for so long!

The Old Money Aesthetic has a distinct sense of style that can be summed up with one word: classicism (a term borrowed from architecture). This means that you’ll see plenty of muted colors such as browns, blacks and greys mixed in with whites or pastels; monochromatic outfits; neutral hues like browns mixed with whites/creams; muted jewel tones like burgundy reds/plum purples mixed with black charcoal grey jeans etc…


The Old Money aesthetic is rooted in the idea of heritage. It’s about honoring the past, and celebrating tradition. This isn’t something that you do just once a year; it’s an ongoing process that requires research, reflection, and ultimately action.

Your family’s history can be traced back for generations–and if you’re lucky enough to have ancestors who were members of old money families themselves (like I do), this makes researching your roots even easier! The more time you spend learning about what came before you, the more likely it’ll be that your own children will want to continue their family tree into another generation. In other words: If your parents took care of their finances responsibly throughout their lives so they could pass down some wealth when they die…you’ll probably want those same things too!

Luxury lifestyle

  • Luxury lifestyle. It’s the dream of many to live in the lap of luxury, and if you’re a member of the 1% who has achieved this goal (or are working towards it), there are several things you can do to embody that old money aesthetic.
  • Living in a mansion. If you’ve got enough cash lying around, why not buy yourself a multi-million dollar estate? You don’t necessarily have to live in one all year round; instead, use it as an escape from city life when needed!
  • Having a yacht or private jet. Traveling by water has always been an elite way to travel–and what better way than on your own yacht? Or maybe flying private is more your style… Either way: enjoy!
  • Having a personal chef/personal shopper/personal assistant at your beck and call 24/7 will make anyone feel like royalty!


The Old Money Aesthetic is one that embodies the grace and refinement of the elite. It’s about classic elegance, heritage, luxury lifestyle and timeless appeal.

The wealthy elite have always been interested in fashion because they have the means to buy clothes that are expensive and well made. They also have access to advice from experts on how to look their best at all times–something most people don’t know how to do without help!

When you dress like someone who has money (even if you don’t), it makes other people think you do too!

Timeless appeal

As you can see, this is not a look that’s going to go out of style any time soon. It has withstood the test of time and will continue to do so for years to come. In fact, it is timeless in its appeal: no matter what year it is or what era we find ourselves in, this aesthetic will always be relevant because it reflects an aspirational lifestyle associated with wealth and classiness that has been around since ancient times.

– Wealthy elite

Old money is a lifestyle that embodies the grace and refinement of the elite. The wealthy elite have always had a certain aesthetic about them, and their style has influenced our modern perception of luxury. Whether they’re wearing designer clothes or riding in limousines, old money people live their lives in an elegant manner–they know how to hold themselves with confidence and poise, as well as dress according to social norms at any given time period.

The wealthy elite are also leaders within society; they set trends for how others should behave, which means that if you want access to these same opportunities (and enjoy living like them), then it’s important for you to adopt this aesthetic yourself!


  • Sophistication: Sophistication is a state of grace and elegance. It’s knowing how to dress, act, speak and conduct yourself in public. The way you handle yourself says a lot about your upbringing and social standing. It’s also important to show respect for others by being polite and well-mannered at all times–this includes addressing people as “Mr.” or “Ms.” when appropriate (no nicknames), opening doors for others and helping them with their coats if they are struggling with them on their own.
  • Class: Class refers to those who have the best taste in everything from food & drink (elegant wines) through art & music (classical composers) down into fashion where their wardrobe consists exclusively of tailored suits made from high-quality materials like woolen fabrics imported from Europe because these things take time

High society

Old money is more than just a way of dressing, it’s a way of life. The elite class has been around for generations, and they have refined their aesthetic over time to embody elegance and sophistication. Old money is timeless; it never goes out of style because it was never in style to begin with. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing for work or play–you’ll always want to look like you’re ready for high society when wearing old money attire!


Custom-made is a luxury, and it’s also a status symbol. It’s not just about the quality of your clothes; it’s about how they reflect who you are as a person.

This can be seen in many different ways: custom-made clothing can be used to express your values, or it might reflect your life experiences (if, say, one of your parents was an artist). It can also serve as an extension for self-expression–for example if someone likes to wear bright colors and patterns that show the world their personality through their wardrobe choices!


The old money aesthetic is all about embodying the grace and refinement of the elite. It’s about having a sense of heritage, luxury lifestyle and timeless appeal. You can get that look by wearing custom-made suits with classic elegance or by sporting your wealth in high society locations like Monte Carlo casinos.

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